Unlimited data shouldn’t be expensive.

Introducing $3 Unlimited Data on Demand. Boost your data to Unlimited anytime you need, no matter what plan you're on, for only $3 /day*.

Picture your No-contract Mobile Plan with

Picture your No-contract Mobile Plan with


You have the power to decide if you need this for just a day or two, from just $3 /day.

Get $3 / Day Unlimited Data on Demand, only when you need it.

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*Please note that there is a fair usage policy of 100 GB /mo as per our terms and conditions.

Why will you need Unlimited Data on Demand?

Meet Kevin.

Be like Kevin.

Activate Unlimited Data on Demand whenever you need.

How it works

1. Buy the Plan

Got a Circles.Life mobile plan? Great - you’re ahead of the game. Don’t have one yet? Go get on Circles.Life.

2. Get $3 Unlimited

Add the $3 /day Unlimited Data on Demand with a push of a button in the Circles.Life Mobile App.

(Once activated, validity is until midnight Singapore Standard Time.)

3. Activate when needed

Activate Unlimited Data on Demand whenever you need it. With 20 GB for $20, you won’t even need it every day! The choice is always yours.

You now have all the power in your hands.

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