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For non-customers, please sign up for our base plan in order to activate your Roam Boost in-app

For non-customers, please sign up for
our base plan in order to activate your
Roam Boost in-app

Enjoy 50% off data roaming rates in selected countries!*
*Available for Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and United States. Valid from 20 December 2016 - 20 January 2017. Terms & Conditions apply.

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The Best Way To Roam

Travel and pay for only what you use, no matter where you are in the world. No charges for activating and changing your roaming settings!

Introducing WhatsApp Passport

Roam with 
Unlimited WhatsApp Messaging from $1 /day* !

Pay-as-you-go gives you freedom

70% off Roaming Rates for 32 countries

Our adventurers spend $3 a day or less travelling with Pay-as-you-go Data Roamer rates*

Navigation Maps


3 days: 1.7 MB



3 days: 228.51 KB

Web Surfing

20 MB/day (100 pages)

3 days: 60 MB

Social Media

45 MB/day (30 min)

3 days: 135 MB

*Data Roamers can be as low as 100MB for $1.50 but not all countries apply. See rates for all destination countries.

Note: Data usage varies per phone/device. The above examples are based on averages using a smartphone and are estimates only.

The actual amount of data used for the described activity can vary significantly from the examples above.

More on Data, SMS and Talktime rates

Discover all roaming rates here or right in the Circles.Life App. We will send you notifications to direct you to our preferred networks, giving you the best possible rates**!

Have control over roaming

Choose what you activate. Choose to turn on SMS & Talktime only, or add Data too.



Set Data usage alerts for peace of mind

We'll send you instant reminders so there's no surprise charges!

Set Data Roaming caps

Reduce bill shocks by choosing a usage cap. If you hit this spending, we’ll cut you off!

**Terms and conditions apply. View all roaming rates here.

Data Roamer Countries

Connect to our preferred partner networks for exclusive low rates*

If a Data Roamer only uses 50 MB out of the 100 MB, they will be charged $0.75 instead of the full $1.50.
This is unique to Circles.Life.

*Roaming rates may vary across selected countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roam Boost is our new roaming service that comes in 2 different packs to cater to different destinations.

Each Roam Boost comes with 1GB and is valid for 7 days. The 1GB can be used in any of the destinations listed in the Roam Boost that you purchased. For example, if you purchased Roam Boost A, after using 200MB in Malaysia, you can continue to use the remaining data in any of the other 4 destinations.

For existing customers, simply open your Circles.Life app, scroll down to "Roaming / IDD" and you can start purchasing it!

For new customers, sign up with us first. After you have received and activated your SIM card, download the Circles.Life app, and you can start purchasing the Roam Boost.

If you exceed the data volume for Roam Boost, you will be charged pay-per-use data rates for the country that you are currently roaming at.

To prevent that from happening, simply purchase another Roam Boost before you use up your data!

Once you have purchased Roam Boost, the data balance and expiry will be reflected in the home page of your Circles.Life app, under "Roaming / IDD".

If you purchase 2 Roam Boost A, 2GB will be reflected under Roam Boost A in your data balance. However, both Roam Boost A will expire on the same day, i.e. 2GB will expire after 7 days.

If you purchase 1 Roam Boost A and 1 Roam Boost B, 1GB will be reflected under Roam Boost A and B respectively in your data balance. Similarly both Roam Boost A and B will expire after 7 days.