Our Story

We are a young, innovative telco, homegrown in Singapore with a mission:

To re-imagine how mobile services are built and delivered with you in mind.

We do this by offering the best no-contract mobile plan, unlimited bonus data and an unparalleled customer experience.

Giving power back to the customers

Leading innovation in the telecom industry

Support growth and development

Unlimited Bonus Data

No-Contract Mobile Plan

Unparalleled customer experience

Unlimit your telco. Now.

How it works

Haven't you heard? Contracts, queues and running out of data are so last year.

Switch to our no-contract plan with tons of data! It's simple and super convenient too!

See how it all works.

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Islandwide 4G+ network coverage

Wherever you are from Punggol to Tuas, we've got you covered with 4G max speeds to binge on all the Unlimited Bonus Data you've got!

Here's what our Top Referrers have to say

"My phone is permanently on 4G now. I switched off Wi-Fi. I tether quite a lot after getting so much data, even with Dropbox syncing in the background is not an issue."
Lester Chan(@lesterchan)
"My initial reactions was in awe and it's exhilarating to see the numbers grow day by day. It all started with me sharing this on my timeline after coming on board Circles.Life."
Titan Lee(@titanlyy)
"The best part about the data is that I do not have to worry about exceeding my data, or if I'm spending too much time on browsing my Facebook, Instagram on the go."
Darren AngDarren Ang