You need data and we’ve got it. We’re all about giving you what you need and letting you take full control of your own mobile plan, because you know yourself best.

We can hear you wondering: ‘How in the world do I pronounce ‘Circles.Life’?!’ Let us help. It’s pronounced ‘Circles Life’. Don’t let the dot confuse you, we just like having it there.

Never run out of data

Enjoy your 20 GB for $20 at 4G+ speeds

Easy to join

Transfer your number with a few clicks

No contracts ever again

Instead, you stay for the Bonus Data!

You're in control

Our Circles.Life App gives you power

Never run out of data

We can’t read your mind, but we know exactly what you want. Get all the data you need, right here with us.

99% Islandwide Coverage

With our islandwide 4G+ Network Coverage, we’ve got you. Never worry about losing chances to finish up all that data.

*Don’t just take it from us. Source: IMDA

Singapore's #1 Recommended Telco

Being ranked #1 telco by YouGov’s Singaporean brand advocacy rankings amongst all the biggest brands is quite the honor.
If you're sick of your bad telco experience, hop on board Circles.Life for a breath of fresh air.

Transfer your number

Can’t bear the thought of losing your number? Dry those tears, because you don’t need to. Transferring your current number to Circles.Life is so easy. Did we mention that it’s also fast AND free? Yup.

Unlimited Customizations

With the Circles.Life app, you’re the boss. You’re in full control of your plan to change it up, pay bills and much more in our app.

Still stuck in a contract? Set contract end date reminders and we'll give you a heads up when it's time to switch to Circles.Life.

Customer Testimonials

"I ported to Circles.Life and I had good feelings about them since day one. Signed up at 9 am and had the SIM card by 2 pm on the same day!"

Anthony @anthonyleeyc

"I think what makes Circles.Life stand out is that they really value customer feedback.It makes customers like myself feel like we're playing a part in Circles' continuous efforts to improve."

Mui Ting @meiting

"The team and the community are extremely positive, polite and helpful. Always ready to listen and puting the customer first."

Benjamin Ang Ben Ang

Watch our customers celebrate getting free Bonus Data

Search for #NeverRunOutOfData on social media to watch all the video submissions!

91% of our customers would recommend us to others.

"Customer experience innovation."

"Customizable data."

"Services that give power back to customers"

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