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Albania (+355)Vodafone$30.00 /100MB$7.8 /min$4.8 /min$2.4 /min$3.6 /min$0.72 /msg
Australia (+61)Telstra$10.00 /100MB$3.3 /min$4.8 /min$1.2 /min$2.04 /min$0.72 /msg
Bangladesh (+880)Robi Axiata$10.00 /100MB$4.2 /min$4.8 /min$1.2 /min$4.44 /min$0.72 /msg
Czech Republic (+420)Vodafone$30.00 /100MB$7.8 /min$4.8 /min$2.4 /min$3.36 /min$0.72 /msg
France (+33)Orange$20.00 /100MB$5.4 /min$4.8 /min$2.28 /min$4.92 /min$0.72 /msg
Germany (+49)Vodafone$10.00 /100MB$4.2 /min$4.8 /min$1.92 /min$2.64 /min$0.72 /msg
Ghana (+233)Vodafone$30.00 /100MB$6 /min$4.8 /min$2.4 /min$3.84 /min$0.72 /msg
Greece (+30)Vodafone$10.00 /100MB$4.2 /min$4.8 /min$1.8 /min$3.6 /min$0.72 /msg
Hong Kong (+852)SmarTone$10.00 /100MB$3.3 /min$4.8 /min$1.2 /min$1.8 /min$0.72 /msg
Hungary (+36)Vodafone$10.00 /100MB$4.68 /min$4.8 /min$1.8 /min$2.76 /min$0.72 /msg
India (+91)Bharti Airtel$20.00 /100MB$5.22 /min$4.8 /min$2.64 /min$6.24 /min$1.08 /msg
Indonesia (+62)Indosat/XL$10.00 /100MB$5.1 /min$4.8 /min$0.84 /min$2.04 /min$0.72 /msg
Ireland (+353)Vodafone$10.00 /100MB$6 /min$4.8 /min$1.8 /min$3 /min$0.72 /msg
Italy (+39)Vodafone$10.00 /100MB$6 /min$4.8 /min$1.8 /min$3 /min$0.72 /msg
Japan (+81)Softbank$20.00 /100MB$3.3 /min$4.8 /min$1.2 /min$2.52 /min$0.72 /msg
Macau (+853)SmarTone Macau$10.00 /100MB$3.6 /min$4.8 /min$1.2 /min$3.24 /min$0.72 /msg
Malaysia (+6074)Celcom$10.00 /100MB$0.55 /min$4.8 /min$0.42 /min$0.76 /min$0.36 /msg
Malta (+356)Vodafone$30.00 /100MB$8.16 /min$4.8 /min$2.4 /min$3.84 /min$0.72 /msg
Netherlands (+31)Vodafone$10.00 /100MB$4.2 /min$4.8 /min$1.8 /min$3 /min$0.72 /msg
New Zealand (+64)Vodafone$10.00 /100MB$4.8 /min$6 /min$1.68 /min$2.76 /min$0.72 /msg
Philippines (+63)Globe$20.00 /100MB$3.3 /min$4.8 /min$1.2 /min$1.92 /min$0.72 /msg
Portugal (+351)Vodafone$10.00 /100MB$5.76 /min$4.8 /min$1.8 /min$4.2 /min$0.72 /msg
Romania (+40)Vodafone$10.00 /100MB$6 /min$4.8 /min$2.4 /min$4.08 /min$0.72 /msg
South Africa (+27)Vodacom$10.00 /100MB$3.84 /min$4.8 /min$1.2 /min$2.16 /min$0.72 /msg
South Korea (+82)KT$20.00 /100MB$3.84 /min$4.8 /min$1.8 /min$2.16 /min$0.72 /msg
Spain (+34)Vodafone$10.00 /100MB$4.2 /min$4.8 /min$1.8 /min$3.6 /min$1.08 /msg
Taiwan (+886)ChungHwa$10.00 /100MB$1.92 /min$4.8 /min$0.9 /min$2.04 /min$0.72 /msg
Thailand (+66)DTAC$20.00 /100MB$3.24 /min$4.8 /min$1.2 /min$2.76 /min$0.72 /msg
UK (+44)Vodafone$10.00 /100MB$4.2 /min$4.8 /min$1.8 /min$2.88 /min$0.72 /msg
USA (+1404)AT&T$10.00 /100MB$4.2 /min$4.8 /min$2.28 /min$2.64 /min$0.72 /msg

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