Transfer a post-paid number from another telco to Circles.Life with easy porting.
Port a number when you sign up on the website or later on as a customer through the CirclesCare mobile app. 

Port-In for Bonus Data!

Get 2 GB /mo Port-in Bonus Data when you port your number anytime.

Terms and conditions apply.

Porting upon checkout

Login to & build a plan

Click on "Keep old number"

Give us your number and telco it's coming from

You’re done and we'll handle the rest!
See porting requirements to ensure success.

Learn more here.

Porting later in CirclesCare App

Go to "Settings" and click on "Port-in a number from another telco"

Fill in form details and choose to do a transfer of ownership if needed

That’s it, you’re finished! We'll do the rest!
See porting requirements to ensure success.

Learn more here.

Want to know all about porting?

Porting Requirements

Check for termination fees

The porting process is FREE of charge from Circles.Life, but if your current telco contract has not ended, please check with them directly for fees that may apply. Porting terminates any existing telco contract.

Post-paid numbers only

Pre-paid numbers CANNOT be ported.
Only Post-paid numbers are portable.

Registered IDs MUST match

The ID you submit to Circles.Life must match to the ID registered in your current telco. If it’s not under your name and ID, you may still buy a plan and initiate porting and transfer of ownership from the CirclesCare app later.

Find out more on our Porting blog post here

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