Transfer your current number to Circles.Life anytime

Port-In for Bonus Data!
Port-in anytime from now and get 2 GB /mo Port-in Bonus Data on top of 4 GB /mo Base Plan.
Terms and conditions apply.

Our porting process is seamless without any disruption to your mobile number. 
Your previous carrier SIM card will work until the process has completed.

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You’ll get an extra 1 GB Bonus Data each month when you port your current post-paid number to Circles.Life


Port-In for Bonus Data!

Get 2 GB /mo Bonus Data when you switch to Circles.Life. Increase up to 12 GB of Break-Up Bonus Data if you break contract early. 1 GB /mo will stay on your plan forever!

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Want to know all about porting?

Port At Checkout

Porting-in couldn’t be easier! Simply enter your number and current telco and we do the rest!

We even break up with your current telco for you, there is no need to cancel beforehand.

All the porting steps you need to know:

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Switch Now, Port Later

Want to get on the Circles.Life network now to get 20 GB for $20, but still on a contract? Switch now with a free new number and port-in later when your contract has expired. Port-in anytime is made simple through the CirclesCare app!

You’ll still get 2 GB Port-In Bonus Data each month when your port over at a later date!*

*Terms and conditions apply.

Top 3 things to keep in mind when porting:

termination fees porting

Termination fees may apply

The porting process is FREE of charge from Circles.Life, but if your current telco contract has not ended, please check for any
termination fees.

porting pre post2

Post-paid numbers only

Pre-paid numbers CANNOT be ported.
Only Post-paid numbers are portable.

porting name and id 2

Check your Number & ID

Ensure that the number you’re porting is under your name and ID. If not, you may still buy a plan and initiate porting and transfer of ownership from the CirclesCare app.

Find out more on our Porting blog post here