Available for new number transfers to Circles.Life.

Available for new number transfers to Circles.Life.

Not your traditional 24-month combo plan

Contracts make everything more expensive. No-contract phones + plans just make sense.
Transfer your post-paid number to the +Phone Plan. You won’t regret it.

Why Circles.Life

The +Phone Plan is the smarter plan

The +Phone Plan is
the smarter plan

How it works

Now you can get that expensive phone you’ve been eyeing. No need to skip lunches.

Hooked? Choose your phone below!

Use ANY card you want

Credit cards are welcome from any bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just one! All you need to do is transfer your post-paid number to Circles.Life when you’re signing up for the +Phone Plan. No stress.

Head here for our FAQs on transferring your number!

You’re free to go whenever you want with your phone in tow.
Just note that if you’re cancelling your Circles.Life +Phone Plan before the 24 months is over, you’ll only need to pay for the remaining cost of the phone. No termination fees, no penalties. Just like we promised. No backsies.

If you choose to get another new phone, you can just stay on the + Phone Plan for $65 /mo.

If you’re not ready to get a new phone yet, your monthly payments will just be automatically reduced to $28 /mo until you decide to get another phone. That means you’ll still get all the amazing Circles.Life features - just without a phone!

If the $28 /mo Base Plan and a phone had a baby, you’ll get the +Phone Plan. So what you get is everything in the best no-contract mobile plan and a shiny new phone for just $65 /mo! What a deal.

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How low can you go?

Spend as little as you want.

Want more bang for your buck?

The search is over.

Netflix all day err day?

Never run out of data.