How to read your bill

Our bills tell you a lot. Here's how they work.


Your first bill is a special case as it includes the Base Plan for two months - the first month of usage pro-rated* and the upcoming month. From your second bill onwards, only the upcoming month’s Base Plan will be included.

Types of Additional Usage Charges

Boost & Auto-Boost

Boost : Charged immediately upon activation

Auto-Boost: Automatically billed when you run out of data and charged in your next bill

Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG)

Local Talktime & SMS usage outside of your Base Plan

IDD & Global SMS

International Calls, SMS & MMS made and received while in Singapore


Charges for Data, Talktime & SMS usage outside of Singapore if activated


Plus options are optional add-ons to enhance your mobile plan

One-Time Charges

May be any of the following; Registration fee, Number fee, debit adjustments etc.


For any waivers and reimbursed credits

Payment Received

Successful credit card deductions

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