Circles.Life just got even better

With the Golden Circle, you’ll be getting exclusive perks on top of your Base Plan for only $60 /year.
If you didn’t already guess it: You’re getting SO MUCH value for only $60. We’re crazy, but you’re crazier if you don’t get this.

$350 worth of perks for just $60 /year

You’ll love us even more when you’re in the Golden Circle.

20 GB for $15

$5 off the 20 GB for $20 Data Plus option.

300 min Talktime + 50 SMS

Added to your plan every month (only for local usage).

$10 roaming credits

Refreshed every month for your roaming adventures.

$50 off any device

Get money off your device once a year.

Show me the calculations!

We thought you'd never ask:

I’m ready for it

Like everything else in Circles.Life, it’s really easy to subscribe to the Golden Circle.
Just head to your Dashboard on the Circles.Life app and click on the banner to activate it!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Golden Circle is available for all Circles.Life plans except for the $0 /mo Flexi Plan.

If you’re on the $0 /mo Flexi Plan and would like to subscribe to the Golden Circle, just upgrade your plan to the $28 /mo Base Plan or the $65 /mo +Phone Plan and you’ll unlock all the Circles.Life features AND enjoy Golden Circle perks.

The Golden Circle is a yearly subscription, as we want you to be able to maximize the perks that come with it. Want to continue subscribing to it after a year? Just leave your subscription on and it will be automatically renewed.

No longer want to continue subscribing to the Golden Circle? All you need to do is head to your Circles.Life app > Bonus > Golden Circle and turn it off before your current subscription ends.

Your subscription for the Golden Circle will start at the beginning of the month after payment is successfully made.

For example, if you’ve turned on your Golden Circle subscription and your payment was successfully deducted on 20th September, 2018, your Golden Circle subscription will start on 1st October, 2018.

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