Be rewarded with Bonus Data just for being our customer.

Instead of long contracts and penalties, we’re showing you love for being loyal and on our network.


How to earn Unlimited Bonus Data

Imagine having 50 GB of data, or more, each month for just $28.
There are no limits to the amount of Bonus Data you can have.

Say goodbye to WiFi hunting!

Start the New Year right with

1 GB /mo Bonus Data!

We're giving all our customers 1 GB /mo New Year's Bonus Data*. Get on by 31 December to enjoy!

*New Year's Bonus Data will take effect 1 Jan 2017 & last through 30 June 2017.

Friend Referral


Get 200 MB/mo of Bonus Data with each person you refer to Circles.Life with your personal referral code. Five friends equal 1 GB extra data each month. What's more, they get $20 off at checkout. Everybody wins!



Loyalty Bonus


500 MB each month of Bonus Data will be added every 6 months you stay on our network. This lasts forever as long as you’re on our network.


Other ways to earn Bonus Data



CirclesCare App Activation

(Recurring each month forever!)

Download CirclesCare and register your mobile number.

Your Bonus will be activated immediately.


Mystery Bonuses 

There are always surprises up our sleeves.

Stay tuned for more ways to earn Bonus Data!


Get 2 GB /mo Bonus Data when you switch to Circles.Life.

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How much will you stack up?

*Limited time offer. Terms and conditions apply.