We give you free Bonus Data just for being our customer.

Instead of long contracts and penalties, we’re showing you love for being loyal and staying on our network.

You'll get free bonus data for

Friend referral

200 MB /mo per referral

This is limitless! Refer as many as you can! Find your personal referral code in CirclesCare > Bonus Menu.


500 MB /mo every 6 months

This is permanent once earned as long as you stay with us!


2 GB /mo

Transfer a number to Circles.Life from another telco.

Our Leading Bonus Data earners

Some have earned over 90 GB of free Bonus Data* by referring their friends. You too can earn just as much, if not more!

*Leaderboard as of 5 May 2017. For real-time updates, check the CirclesCare App.


Did we mention that there are prizes if you hit these ‘Leaderboard Bonus Data’ milestones?

3 GB

Personalize your referral code

5 GB

$20 iTunes gift card

15 GB

2x Gold Class movie tickets

30 GB

1 Supercar ride!

50 GB

A trip for 2 to Bangkok!

70 GB

Coming soon!


How to earn Unlimited Bonus Data

Imagine having 50 GB of data, or more, each month for just $28.
There are no limits to the amount of Bonus Data you can have.

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How much will you stack up?

*Limited time offer. Terms and conditions apply.