15 June 2016

Everything You Need to Know About Porting Over to Circles.Life

We are making porting as seamless as possible and completely digital. You can sign up for Circles.Life online and have your SIM Card delivered, your existing number ported and all this done from the comfort of your home!

We have put together the top questions we’ve gotten from porting, so that you’ll be able to get the clearest picture possible of what happens if you intend to port an existing number over to the Circles.Life network.

1. What is the porting process like?

Here is what you can expect from the seamless porting process with Circles.Life.

2. Can I port any number over to Circles.Life?

Only post-paid numbers can be ported. Pre-paid numbers cannot be ported to a different telco. What you can do is port your pre-paid number to a post-paid plan within your previous telco and then port that number over to Circles.Life if you insist on keeping your number. Alternatively, you can choose from the list of free numbers available on the Circles.Life network.

3. Do I need to terminate the plan with my existing number that my ported number is tied to?

No. Upon successful porting, your plan will be terminated automatically with your previous service provider and your number will be tied to your Circles.Life account. Never terminate your line before receiving a successful porting notification as terminated numbers cannot be ported.

4. Can I port over when I’m still on contract?

The choice is yours whether you’d prefer to port over while on contract, get a new number or wait till your contract with your existing telco has ended before porting over. Do note that once you have ported over successfully, your line with your previous telco will be terminated. If you do so while still under contract with your existing telco, there may be early termination penalty fees incurred. We recommend checking with your existing telco on your contract status and if any penalty will be incurred should you terminate your line.

5. Can I get on now and port my number later?

Absolutely! If you’re looking to test out the Circles.Life network and lock in Bonus Data promotions right now, but you’re just not ready to port over yet due to your existing contract, here’s what you can do in a few easy steps:

  1. Get on the Circles.Life network now
  2. Build your plan and choose a free new number
  3. Port in later when your contract has expired through the Circles.Life app

6. How can I ensure my porting is successful?

Not sure if your porting will be a success? Just follow our simple checklist:

  • My number is post-paid.
  • My number is registered under my NRIC/ID with my donor telco. (If it’s not the case, you’ll have to port-in with transfer of ownership through the Circles.Life app)
  • My number active and not currently suspended with my donor telco.
  • I do not have any outstanding balance with my donor telco.

You’ve ticked all the boxes? Then you’re all good to go!

7. What can I do if my number is registered in someone else’s name and really want to keep it?

If your number is registered under your mother’s name for example, you’ll need to transfer the ownership of the line. In this case, you’ll have to pick a temporary number and wait until we activate your account to request the port-in through the Circles.Life app, with transfer of ownership. We broke down the process for you right here.

8. I received my SIM Card, but my porting is scheduled at a later date. What do I do?

During the porting process number switch, which spans over a few hours, there may be some minor disruption. Not to worry, this is done during off peak hours, around midnight the day of the porting. You can use your SIM card associated with your number from your previous service provider until your scheduled porting date.

Meanwhile, your Circles.Life SIM Card can also be used and you’ll be issued a temporary number for use until your number is successfully ported. Upon successful porting, your permanent ported number will take effect on your Circles.Life SIM card.

9. I changed my mind and I don’t want to port my number, but I have already checked out my order. Can I cancel my porting request?

This can be done provided that the porting request has not been initiated by your previous service provider. Once it has been initiated, we will not be able to reverse or cancel your porting request. We recommend reaching out to our Happiness Experts on Web Live Chat (www.circles.life) for guidance.

10. My porting has failed! Why did it fail and what should I do?

Porting can fail for a number of reasons. The most common reasons are:

  • Identification documents being uploaded during sign up that do not match with those submitted to your previous service provider
  • Attempt at porting a pre-paid number
  • Number is a corporate line that may be registered under a company and cannot be ported without a change in details

If your porting has failed, don’t worry, we will provide you all the details for you to reinitiate a successful portin! Our Happiness Experts will also be able to assist you if you need it!