Think more UNLIMITED Data

WHAT. AN. UPGRADE. We used to have a 20 GB for $20 Data Plus option. Guess what? It’s now UNLIMITED*.

No more messing around. Get UNLIMITED Data on top of your Base Plan for just $20 /mo.

More streaming.
More insta-stories.
More everything.

How to get onto this bandwagon

Sign up and add UNLIMITED Data on top of your Base Plan

If you’re already a customer, just go to your Circles.Life app > Customize > Plus and flip the switch!

Frequently Asked Questions

Need a lot of data? Then you’re going to need this. Switch on UNLIMITED Data for just $20 /mo on top of your Base Plan. This option is not available on the $0 /mo Flexi Plan.

*Your data will run at 4G+ speeds for 20GB on top of your Base Plan data and usage after that will be managed. But don’t worry, you’ll never be disconnected.

You can add it to your Base Plan during your signup on the Circles.Life website or add it anytime later through the Circles.Life app.

We’ll start off by saying that we have good news! All new signups for a Circles.Life Base Plan (excluding $0 /mo Flexi Plan) will get UNLIMITED Data FREE for your first month! After that, the $20 /mo payment will be added to your monthly bills.

Your data will be managed after 20 GB (on top of your Base Plan) of 4G+ speeds. This is to ensure that our network remains great for everyone. Your connection will never be disconnected, so you’ll still be able to surf the internet and use your apps. This quota will be refreshed at the start of every month.

If you need to be back on 4G+ speeds:

1) Buy a Boost
2) Turn your airplane mode on and off again.
3) You’ll be back on high speeds and ready to go!

If you’re already subscribed to the 20 GB for $20 Data Plus option, you will automatically be upgraded to the UNLIMITED Data Add-on at no extra cost!